Spices have been an inseparable part of cooking since 2000 BCE, being one of the strongest ingredients that add to the flavour and aroma of food. Cooking has evolved a lot since then, whereas the tradition of adding spices to food has not changed much. Spice Liquid is an evolution made to this tradition, completely transforming the solid form of spices into a liquid state, without compromising its original taste and nutritional value. Goodbye to the conventional racks of powdered spices. Let the drop do the talking!

Spice Liquid is a product of Tatva Health & Wellness pvt ltd, a company that aims to bring forth Specialty & Advanced products in the Food industry to build a Healthy India. Taking along nature as our true companion, our product is the pure essence out of nature’s invaluable resources, we have packaged the product to suit your everyday needs. We believe that Spice Liquid is the way to amalgamate health, beauty and care, the 3 essences of a happy soul.